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Hey y'all!

I'm Lindsey — a photographer with a passion for life and a desire to help you capture your life moments.

As a kid I remember looking through photo albums of my parents as kids to see the different styles of clothes and asking to hear the stories behind the pictures.  For me, photos have always been snapshots, a portal back to a moment. These moments are meant to be shared, and a picture starts a story for the next generations.

In my late 20s, my father, my best friend, passed away. I quickly realized the lack of photos I had of us together as I got older. I immediately regretted not taking the time to capture every chapter of my story while he was still a part of it. This helped shape my passion for wanting to freeze time so couples and families can relive memories down the road.

When I moved out of state, I decided to buy a “nice” camera - aka upgrade from a pocket size Cannon. I loved taking pictures and wanted to learn more. The more I learned, the more passion I had. Oftentimes, I allowed the fear of failure to stop me from trying new things or taking the leap and going after things I want. I decided to pursue this passion for photography and see where it takes me. I had great support from my family and friends - I have photographed hundreds of sessions for families, couples, and individuals in various chapters of their lives. They trusted me to collect memories for their storytelling - and I have loved every minute of it!

I am a Nashville native - a little bit of country, a lot of Rocky Top, and the occasional bout of wanderlust.

Never without:

Hair tie + chapstick

Favorite travel memory:

Either hiking through Banff, Canada or snorkeling in BVI (did I mention I love traveling)

Probably listening to:

90s/2000s hip hop or pop

Cocktail order:

Bulleit Bourbon with ginger beer

Probably reading:

Thrillers or fantasy - love to escape into another world

Probably watching:

Tennessee sports or binge watching a limited series

The abbreviated version of Lindsey

A few things I beleive

Live the life you love, love the life you live.

         - Bob Marley

Things don’t just happen or you get lucky. You work hard to make it happen (and you MIGHT have some help along the way).

ready, set, book!

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