Vermont travels (part 2)

January 8, 2023

Hello, I'm Lindsey
I believe you deserve to enjoy having your pictures taken and laugh throughout your session. I strive to capture snapshots of your life’s story one chapter at a time. 
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One of the more grueling hikes I have done (as of now there are 3 that have kicked my butt), this was one of the harder ones for sure but absolutely worth it. We hiked Camel’s Hump – a 6 mile out and back . First of all these trails are in the middle of no where on a mountain of course but the directions from All Trails are not always the best. Not to mention the GPS cut out on drive there- probably because I got nervous I had us going the wrong way and closed the app to restart only the find out that our service had dropped! Whoops! Sooooo we reverted back to the early 2000s and asked people for directions to make sure we weren’t completely lost! Good times good times!

We finally found the trail head and VERY, VERY small parking lot but luckily we arrived early enough in the morning to snag a spot. We grabbed our pack and hiking poles and set off. This path was completely uphill with rocky “steps” and towards the top it narrowed for the peak. We were winding up the side of the mountain towards the summit, and it truly felt that way the higher we got. There was a thin line of evergreens keeping us from falling off but pure happiness kept me going because it smelled like Christmas! It was quite windy at the top but clear enough for people to sit and take a snack break. It is the third highest peak in Vermont with a completed 360 degree angle!

I few places we stopped along the way after our hike were Prohibition Pub and Alchemist Brewery. Prohibition Pub brewery is in a quaint little town of Waterbury, VT. It had fabulous Latin Street Food along with it amazing drinks! We walked the streets lined with blooming flower baskets and front porches. It felt like a Hallmark movie. Afterwards we stopped at Alchemist Brewery which according to the hubs has one of the best beers around and also hardest to get – Heady Topper. I will say we saw several people carrying out multiple cases of their beer. The brewery has an ordering area and gift shop inside but then a huge open field with picnic tables and corn hole. It is basically step up for just hanging out with friends and drinking beer.I personally did not find beer I liked but I do not drink a lot beer to begin with so it isn’t surprising. However, my husband loved Heady Topper and said it was as good as everyone says.

For dinner we went to a French restaurant which had great reviews on TripAdvisor. It was called Leunig’s Bistro. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this restaurant! We were sat a table for 2 by the open window which overlooked Downtown Burlington’s main street. I ordered the Beef Bourguignon – very flavorful dish similar to a pot roast. My husband ordered a steak which he was very pleased it as well. This dinner was probably my favorite of the whole weekend.

It rained the next day, but we still got out and hiked – more like walked – along a river path. It rained the whole time but for once we prepared and brought raincoats with us. Even in the rain the view of the mountains was still gorgeous with the clouds gathered around it.

Clearly we loved our time in Vermont and would absolutely return! Have you traveled here yet? If so, what are your favorite spots?

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I'm Lindsey

I believe you deserve to enjoy having your pictures taken and laugh throughout your session. I strive to capture snapshots of your life’s story one chapter at a time. 

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